My Crafting Life Has A Pulse

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Currently, that pulse is found in knitting, but I have a crafting pulse again.  Wow, when God throws transition at us, He throws us a curve ball.  At least we are relocated now, my family is reunited, and we can move forward again.

I have not gotten the opportunity to scrapbook in months, and it is starting to take its toll.  I did buy some new paper for my birthday, though, and I have been cooking up new ideas for diecut designs.  With TSI not selling files now, I guess I will have to sort out a way to sell my own files and custom-made machine covers.  Perhaps an Etsy store will suffice.  I could even add some of my knitted creations for those people who have requested them.  Oh, the possibilities.  Stay tuned.


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