My Poor, Neglected Craft Blog

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life has decided that my crafting days are altered from times past.  For now, my scrapbooking stash and beloved Pazzles are safely tucked away in boxes in our walk-in closet in our tiny apartment.  Until we get into a new house here in Maryland, after that long move from Minnesota, that is perhaps where my scrapping gear will stay, sadly.  I promise not to neglect my beloveds for too long, though, because I miss them terribly.

For now, I guess I will just have to share my knitting and crochet designs and products.  I have been knitting up a storm since moving here.  There is a delightful yarn store nearby that I love, and I got to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May.  What an experience!

In addition to my knitting and crocheting, I have continued to sew and do photography.  In fact, I am in the process of cutting out all the pieces to make my two eldest daughters the coolest big girl quilts in big girl fabric. My photography is going quite well, and I even have my very own website: Noyes Photography.  As long as I get the opportunity to be creative in some fashion on a regular basis, I will be content.

My Crafting Life Has A Pulse

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Currently, that pulse is found in knitting, but I have a crafting pulse again.  Wow, when God throws transition at us, He throws us a curve ball.  At least we are relocated now, my family is reunited, and we can move forward again.

I have not gotten the opportunity to scrapbook in months, and it is starting to take its toll.  I did buy some new paper for my birthday, though, and I have been cooking up new ideas for diecut designs.  With TSI not selling files now, I guess I will have to sort out a way to sell my own files and custom-made machine covers.  Perhaps an Etsy store will suffice.  I could even add some of my knitted creations for those people who have requested them.  Oh, the possibilities.  Stay tuned.


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